Adventures of the SV Floridian

Paul + Lynn + Pooch

I am 30 years old.  I am from Tallahassee, Florida, and I attended Florida State University (Graduated 2007).  I love surfing, fishing, diving, and spearfishing.  I love the ocean.  I have an amazing girlfriend who puts up with me.  I lived and worked many places on the east coast — (and west coast in Oregon), Rhode Island, NY, NJ, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, and all over Florida.  I also worked in Brazil for almost 2 years, and I speak decent Portuguese.  I own a house in Jax Beach, FL but I currently live on my sailboat in Jupiter, Florida.

I am currently getting the boat ready to head back to the Bahamas and beyond with Lynn!  If you would like to visit we are offering charter services for anything from island hopping to spearfishing and all kinds of watersports.  Send us a message or email !!  Hope to see ya there boi!!
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Lynn and Paul DEC2013